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Mindset Mavericks

A place to find your tribe, and connect with other Mindset Mavericks who, like you, realize that life isn't meant to be lived in black & white and want to follow their grain to think outside the box.

People with busy minds don't usually fit within the confines of conventional thinking. They blaze new paths, walk near the edge and push the boundaries. They tend to have an amplified dedication to a higher dimension of thought. One where the possibilities are endless, and the more "routine" aspects of life get lost in big ideas and new horizons.

But what if you could find a way to manage those day-to-day, "black & white" obligations that seem to so often get in the way of unleashing your "Technicolor Mindset"? Imagine being part of a group that supports and even celebrates the unique way your brain works. A group that helps you manage the black & white aspects of the world without muting your spirit and ingenuity.

Mindset Mavericks is that group. We help you create a mindset that leads to discovery and development of strategies to manage the mundane so you can focus your energy on the magnificent.

Through our strength-based approach to self-enhancement we take on common problematic business & entrepreneurial issues like:

  • Taking your big ideas and moving them from intention into action.
  • Moving from trying to change the hours in the day, which are finite, to managing your state of mind and energy within those hours.
  • Opening your mind and getting comfortable with new and more efficient plans and processes.
  • Connecting and bridging the gap between what's important to you as an individual and what's important for your business.
  • Capitalizing on those fleeting thoughts so they can be captured and converted into great ideas and innovation.
  • Creating the ability to remain in the moment rather than becoming derailed by anxiety inducing thoughts of unknown future states.
  • Finding perspective through self-awareness and re-framing techniques.
  • Reducing the limiting tendency to push the rewind button and keep focus forward.
  • Countering negative and limiting beliefs with positive opposite assumptions.
  • Creating ways to evaluate and discriminate the use of your skills, effort and energy.
  • Establishing routines and "muscle memory" of the brain to help move forward from task to task.
  • Developing tools and techniques to prevent becoming bogged down in structure and format issues.
  • Maintaining contentment by positioning curiosity and ambition in a more positive light.
  • Building the pause. Creating external cues and more automatic processes to slow down reactionary thinking and action.

Meet Certified Change and Mindset Coaches Brett Thornhill and Jennie Friedman

Brett is an ICF Accredited Mindset Coach specializing in helping people with executive function challenges and "out of the box" thinking styles. He has been helping individuals shift perspective, create mindset change and capitalize on their strengths since 2013. Brett's primary focus lies in assisting his clients to achieve perspective shifts that result in a success-driven mindset.

A professional Mindset Coach, Jennie specializes in helping people share their passions with the world. She pulls together her education in psychology with her 20+ years of business development and marketing expertise in order to expand your opportunities for income and connectivity. Jennie’s dedication to the coaching process sets her apart from others who are out to simply sell their systems and tools. She understands how lasting success comes from within her clients rather than from them trying to be like others.

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Every Wednesday at 12:00 Noon EST Via Zoom


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